Gosowong Gold Mine

PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals, a joint venture between Newcrest Mining Limited and PT Aneka Tambang, operates the Gosowong gold-silver mine on remote Halmahera Island, in northeastern Indonesia. Sonia Finucane, Director and Principal Consultant of Bioscope Environmental, has been providing environmental services to Gosowong since 2007. Since the establishment of Bioscope Environmental in 2009, these services have included:

  • Development of a project permitting system and review and update of the Operating Approvals System.
  • Compilation and editing of the Gosowong Extended Project Feasibility Study report and the Gosowong Pit Cutback Feasibility Study report to meet the requirements of the Newcrest Gold Book standards.
  • Project management and peer review for the Gosowong Extension Project AMDAL (ESIA) process.
  • Environmental and permitting advice and project management assistance in relation to a range of projects including the Gosowong Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Downstream Lift 1, Kobok TSF, Gosowong pit cutback and the Toguraci underground development.
  • Preparation of the Gosowong Mine Closure Plan and revision of the Gosowong Reclamation Plan.
  • Preparation of an Investment Master Plan required by the new Indonesian Mining Law.
  • Coordination of the Gosowong permitting action plan and permitting working group.

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October 11, 2013