The team at Bioscope Environmental is proud to have successfully delivered projects across Australia and around the Globe.

Blue dots Staff Environmental Projects – Show the mines and other sites at which Bioscope Environmental team members have worked.

Orange pins Bioscope Environmental Showcase Projects – A selection of Bioscope Environmental projects that showcase our capabilities more fully.

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Mirrabooka Inert Landfill and Solid Waste Depot, Western Australia

Located approximately 10 km north of the Perth CBD in Western Australia, Bioscope Environmental has been providing technical support and environmental services to the Atlas Group regarding the landfill since 2015

Bayanjargalan and Humuult Coal Project, Mongolia

Bioscope undertook the environmental and social components of the Bayanjargalan and Humuult Coal Project Scoping Study

NDS1 Nickel Project, Western Australia

Bioscope Environmental took a leadership and project management role during the Select Phase of Project development by scoping and implementing a comprehensive environmental work program on behalf of BHPBNW

Blue Spec Shear Gold and Antimony Project, Western Australia

Bioscope Environmental provided a wide range of environmental services to NWR from 2009 to 2015.

Zara Gold Mine, Eritrea

Bioscope Environmental work with ZMSC on a range of environmental and community issues

Gosowong Gold Mine, Indonesia

Bioscope Environmental provide environmental services to Gosowong gold-silver mine on the remote Halmahera Island, in northeastern Indonesia

Battler and British Hill Gold Projects, Western Australia

Bioscope Environmental Consulting was appointed to manage all of the environmental approvals and to provide environmental advice and assistance for IMD Gold Mines Limited.

J5 and Bungalbin Iron Ore Project, Western Australia

Bioscope Environmental assisted MRL in relation to two of the preliminary key environmental factors for the development: “Landforms” and “Amenity”.

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