Bioscope Environmental was established in 2009 to provide environmental and social services to the mining, industrial and infrastructure industries.  These services include:

  • Environmental approvals, permitting strategies and coordination.
  • Baseline studies and investigations.
  • Environmental input to project design.
  • Stakeholder engagement.
  • Assessment of environmental and social risks and impacts.
  • Environmental and social management systems and programs.
  • Environmental Management and Monitoring
  • Rehabilitation and closure planning.
  • Feasibility study input.
  • Environmental project management.
  • Environmental reporting.
  • Environmental auditing.
  • Environmental independent due diligence reviews.

Environmental Approvals and Permitting Strategies and Coordination

Bioscope Environmental coordinates assessments and applications for regulatory approvals covering all phases from baseline studies, stakeholder engagement, project design and impact assessment, to development of management, rehabilitation and closure plans (see below).  We prepare and lodge the assessment documentation on behalf of proponents and liaise with regulatory agencies throughout the assessment process. An important part of this is developing a comprehensive understanding of key environment and community issues early in the assessment process and developing an appropriate permitting strategy as the foundation for forward work plans.

Baseline Studies and Investigations

We scope the requirements for baseline biological, physical, chemical and social studies and draw from our broad network of professional associates to assemble teams of appropriately-skilled professionals that meet the specific project needs.

Project Design

We work with engineering and other technical teams to incorporate the principles of sustainability, eco-efficiency and cleaner production into project design. In addition to providing environmental and social benefits, this process can often result in cost reductions also.

Stakeholder Engagement

We have sound experience in all aspects of stakeholder engagement including stakeholder identification and analysis, stakeholder mapping, consultation processes, information disclosure, partnerships, monitoring and reporting. Through our professional associates, we also provide specialist expertise in negotiation, conflict resolution and grievance management.

Assessment of Environmental and Social Risks and Impacts

Bringing together baseline environmental and social data, our knowledge of legal and other obligations, our understanding of stakeholder issues and concerns, and other relevant information, we assist our clients in assessing environmental and social risks and impacts.  Importantly, these assessments examine environmental and social risks of the project and to the project.

Environmental and Social Management Systems and Programs

The Bioscope Environmental team has extensive experience in the development and implementation of management and monitoring plans and systems for projects and operations.  This includes the development of environmental management systems in accordance with ISO14001.

Rehabilitation and Closure Planning

Proper planning and execution of rehabilitation and closure plans, along with the development of closure cost estimates, is now expected from the earliest phases of the project life cycle, and requires multi-disciplinary expertise.  The Bioscope Environmental team has been assisting clients in the preparation and review of rehabilitation and closure plans for sites in Australia and overseas.

Feasibility Study Input

We work with engineering teams during scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies to incorporate the principles of sustainability, eco-efficiency and cleaner production into project design; scope the environment and community issues; assess these issues and develop management strategies and plans; and address environmental approvals and permitting.

Environmental Project Management

As we are a boutique consultancy with strong experience in acting on behalf of proponents, we are well positioned to act as the Owner’s Representative on environmental and community matters for large and small multi-disciplinary projects.  We focus on effective management of social and environmental risks both of and to the project, while ensuring an appropriate level of effort on baseline studies, stakeholder consultation and other aspects of the assessment process.

Environmental Reporting

We assist our clients in the preparation of annual environmental reports required under environmental conditions of approval or for other purposes, as well as public reports and other documents.  Our professional associates include professional writers and editors who help our clients maximise the impact of their reports by ensuring that these are readable and accessible, and tailored for their target audience.

Environmental Auditing

Bioscope Environmental’s team has sound experience in the conduct of desktop and site audits to assess environmental and social performances and compliance. Where appropriate, we can also provide recommendations and programs for improvement.

Environmental Independent Due Diligence Reviews

Bioscope Environmental’s team has extensive experience in undertaking independent environmental due diligence reviews for mining and mineral processing projects, both within Australia and internationally. These reviews have either been conducted as a component of a broader multi-disciplinary independent technical review or as a standalone independent environmental review, and independently assess a project’s level of environmental compliance and conformance with relevant national requirements and international industry standards and guidelines (such as the Equator Principles and the International Finance Corporation [IFC] Environmental and Social Performance Standards and Guidelines).

Environmental Management and Monitoring

When developing an environmental management program, it’s important that a site is “managing what matters”.  Once a project has been defined and the significant impacts have been identified, the environmental management measures can be developed using the mitigation hierarchy.  Bioscope Environmental has extensive experience in the development of environmental management procedures and systems that are practical, relevant to the site and compliant with statutory requirements.

In developing environmental management programs, Bioscope Environmental is aware that “management requires measurement”.  Environmental monitoring programs evaluate the effectiveness of a site’s environmental management procedures and systems.  Considerable thought goes into developing such programs not only because of their importance, but also to reduce costs. In developing monitoring programs, we consider statutory requirements, commitments made through EIA and permitting processes, and other factors to determine what should be measured, how it should be measured and how it should be reported to internal and external stakeholders.

Partnerships & Associations