Bioscope’s environmental consultancy clients have these kind words to share:

I am genuinely delighted to comment on the working relationship that IMD Goldmines Ltd has developed with Bioscope Environmental on the Battler and British Hill Gold Projects located in the Yilgarn Region of Western Australia.

Battler is a historical mine that has seen several previous owners, and whilst on a granted ML, had several legacy issues that needed to be addressed. British Hill whilst having been subject to small scale mining in the past, is located in a more environmentally sensitive area that requires an enhanced level of work to be undertaken.

To put things totally into perspective, the Board of IMD consists mainly of highly experienced (a nicer phrase than senior) group of mining professionals who can trace their careers back to working in mines from the 1960s onwards, when the level of environmental and statutory regulations was somewhat different than today.

While we all have found the need to adapt to the changes in our industry, it is still difficult at times (for those who nostalgically look back at the times when getting a mining licence was not more difficult that getting a drivers licence) to understand why there was a need for change as they google and download complex technical data plus entertainment on their iPads and iPhones.

And then along came Sonia and her team of 21st century professionals who not only understood mining (Sonia’s father and grandfather were a highly respected mining engineer and geologist in WA) and proceeded to achieve the virtually impossible, namely educate the Board of IMDG on what was needed, why it was needed, and the most cost effective way of getting all of the necessary approvals in place in a very timely manner.

Mission Impossible achieved!

In summary, getting all the approvals and managing the process is not hard at all, as long as you are lucky enough to stumble across someone like Sonia Finucane and her awesome team!

Jim Hickey

Director, IMD Gold Mines Limited

The DMP environmental officer assessing a recent native vegetation clearing permit application commented that “I appreciated the comprehensive and succinct NVCP supporting document submitted by Bioscope as part of the proposal…The information provided in the supporting document (and also the comprehensive flora data provided in the flora survey report) made it easy for me to assess this proposal without requesting further information”.

Environmental Officer


In relation to work conducted in Eritrea, the Zara Share Mining Company’s General Manager stated that “The acceptance of the SEIA/SEMP was a major milestone, and your part in the process cannot be underestimated” and that “The work that you and your team completed will certainly be of great help to us in the future”.

General Manager

Zara Share Mining Company

The DMP environmental officer assessing a recent Mining Proposal Amendment stated that “Your work is of a very high standard”.

Environmental Officer


At the completion of our work on the NDS1 Nickel Project, the client’s Land Access Manager commented in relation to our Team Leader that “…you have been a great mentor, leader and champion for all this work. Fantastic work, thank you”, and in relation to our team members that “I have appreciated your patience, great interaction skills and humour” and “your ongoing commitment and professionalism is a real credit to you, and appreciated by me. Thank you.”

Land Access Manager

NDS1 Nickel Project

Following review of a Mine Closure Plan (MCP) submitted recently to the DMP, the department took the opportunity to “recognise areas of the MCP that had been done well or are likely to result in improved outcomes” and stated that “A review of WRL landforms and issues encountered from other sites in the Mid-west, Pilbara and Goldfields regions has been undertaken and the findings have been considered during the development of the MCP.  This review is particularly useful and should be encouraged throughout industry.  DMP commends Bioscope Environmental on the review work undertaken to date, which is potentially a powerful agent for use in mine closure”.

Environmental Officer


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